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Server Crashing Bug
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While trying to attach metal wire to a fence foundation, it actually crashed the entire server, kicking everyone off of it. I tried it multiple times (using RT to attach, micromanaging it to the fence inv., even had my buddy try it to see if it was just me), but every single thing we did kept causing the server to crash. The server was US 4239 and I was streaming during the occurrence, so if you'd like video proof I could get that for you.


Operating System
Windows 10
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Game Crash
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I was at Tisy Military on top of the West most concrete ramp structures. I had the fence kit placed, and had dug the foundation with the two logs, then tried attaching the metal wire in multiple different fashions, all ending in a server wide crash.

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soyLEGEND triaged this task as Immediate priority.

You should have made this private. People will read your report and crash servers on purpose.

Yeah i reported this privately

No you didn't. Look at the top of the page where it is tagged "public"

Thats not me dummy. I reported it private. This guy didnt. Pay attention to the user names lol