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URGENT: Nightime Has Never Been More Broken, And It’s Not Due To Longevity!
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I’ve decided to report this under the most pressing status as this inhibits playability completely. This has been an occurring issue since the December 5th update, but until now did I not fully grasp the severity of this bug. As it begins to gradually progress into nightfall, the display gets a little hazy? Remember when you used to accidentally turn to a channel that doesn’t exist on an older television, and the display would yield thousands of little black, grey, and white dots quivering across the screen? This is what you see by full nightfall and it renders visibility completly.


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Windows 7
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Xbox One
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Nothing fixes this bug, I’ve already attempted, on multiple occasions, completely restarting the app, joining different servers, I’ve even tried playing on a different tv! It seems to be only a side affect of the actual nighttime experience within the gameplay, for when the inventory is opened up, the haze disappears, only to re-appear when spectating your character in the blackened surrounding. As far as I’ve tested, light sources only minimally reduce the problem. All dark areas of the display project the issue even still.

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I understand you guys are very busy at work on this game, trying to create a better gaming experience for everyone, but this needs to be top priority, as I’ve seen the other bug complaints, none of them come even near to this. The game is just simply impossible to play at night now and I’m kinda getting fed up, as I only recently bought this game a week ago and was just starting to get into it. Please Please Please, also read my other post on Dec 5, when I addressed two other very game-altering issues that still have yet to be resolved. Thanks for reading this, take care.

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This struck me as a measure to prevent abusing gamma settings on graphics cards/monitors/config files to be able to see during the night as though it was daylight. If you yank the gamma all the way up you will just get noise. This is a critical measure to prevent abuse from dishonest PvP players and I support it wholeheartedly.

Despite the darkness and noise, I'm ususally able to see a little bit. I can just barely identify a dirt path I'm walking on through the woods at night. Others are unable to do this, probably due to the colour/brightness/gamma settings on their system, so I might have a particularly good monitor for this (it's a 144Hz TN panel).