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Time to play red dead
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Your game it doesn’t work that’s ok though since none of us are able to play go ahead and fix the couple lines of code that effect the weather cycle so it’s not always raining and the day and night cycle so it’s not always night time I’m one of your streamers make up the majority of the views for Xbox simple fix make a whole lot of your players happy also make the tents and bases permanent by backing up save data involving tents and bases save this data separate from the rest of the player data back this up once every twenty four hours or even every couple of days so when you wipe your servers and characters we can keep our bases this is extremely important as you can no longer take away player progress and expect people to keep coming back


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Try to play the game on an Xbox

Additional Information

I don’t want to play red dead fix this

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