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Guns and pistol not reloading
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I can't reload any of my guns by pressing Y.

I use M4, USG45 and 45ACP pistol.
When the weapon is out of ammo, clicking Y doens't reload the weapon.

However, replacing the mags by taking it out and then combining it with a new mag works fine.

Before last update I had a similar issue with same character and same weapons, but clicking Y loaded only 1 bullet in the chamber. Maybe its related, have no idea.

This problem is not persistent, it worked most of the time but its bugged mostly in the last week.

My inventory always has extra 10 slots atleast
My inventory contains extra mag and extra bullets, full stacks, unpacked.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Xbox one
Steps To Reproduce

Use m4/usg45/45acp
Have a fully loaded mag + 1 bullet in chamber
Empty ammo by shooting normally
Click Y - nothing happens

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