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Zombies & Mags
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When i shoot zombies the bullets go straight through it and doesn't do any damage, please fix asap :(

Game won't let me attach clips to the AK and M4, i drop the mag on the floor it says "press RT to attach mag", i press it and it doesn't do anything :(


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Windows 7
Operating System Version
Xbox Software.
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This is happening in any server, i have reset the game and the console and the problems are still there.

My friends are having the same problem too.

Please will you fix immediately being unable to kill zombies and fire one bullet at a time is no fun.

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Bp13986 created this task.Sep 22 2018, 8:48 PM

There’s at least five other ways to load a mag, play around a bit. Just pressing reload is a good place to start.

Im in the same boat my ak and m4 wont work after i log out and then come back later always when i am kocled or i log out the rifles stop working

Same here, has anyone got clue on how to fix this?