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Day Z XBOX Bugs
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There are a few things that I have been notcing on XBOX for Day Z.

  • Constant lag in server. This either entails me and my mate being kicked out of servers, falling off buildings and our character floating around without being able to control. Last night we only were able to stay in multiple servers for maybe 10-20 mins long before saying we were kicked.
  • After being kicked and trying to find a new server, we went to the log. There was either no servers shown or it had error code 9 at the bottom of the screen where servers would be. I had to hard reset my xbox for this to reset.
  • If you have Day Z running and then switch to another app, ex: youtube, then go back to Day Z, the Xbox completely shuts down. It has happened many times to me and my boyfriend.
  • When you have a compass in your quick slots and press and hold Y to quickly change your item, it only closes the compass. This resulted in my death after working hard on my character. I was looking at my compass and had it in my hand, saw people and got into a fight with someone with an ax, tried to pull out my AK and it kept closing/opening my compass instead of pulling out my weapon.
  • A few times I could see a Zombie running in the distance, but then all of a sudden they glitch through me or through the door I closed. I also would agro a Zombie and they would take off running opposite way and then all of a sudden I would be hit and bleeding, because they glitched.
  • I feel like the UI is clonky and takes an extremely long time to get in and out of my inventory. Sometimes this causes lag issues.
  • When in military tents you sometimes glitch through the roof of the tent and get stuck.
  • Some of the buildings at the military bases, White with brown doors, are like for little people. You have to crouch or get stuck.
  • If your inventory is full, you cannot switch between items on your quick slots, but your character is already holding them, so it shouldn't matter weight wise.
  • Walking down stair cases are a night mare. I lag and fall down or I jump down the stairs. For example: Firehouse stairs are a nightmare. Also the staircase that goes to the big ranger tower at the north west part of the map, before the huge cement ramps.
  • Sometimes when I am over the weight limit for running or jumping, my character still does the movement, however the action is not performed and It lags your character.
  • MOST IMPORTANT to me and boyfriend is when you have your guns pulled out and you look down sight, if you happen to push the "Y" button your gun will shoot, but no sound is made on your screen, but other players and zombies can hear it. Also it doesn't show you used any ammo until you leave that server and come back to having bullets missing. We tested this a few times and it caused a rush of zombies to glitch through walls to get us.


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