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Just started playing and the reset of character is annoying but not game breaking but expected since it is in game preview.

Just feedback so far.

  1. The font is too smart. I have a 55 inch TV and can barely see the words. I don't wear glasses so it is really small and I not sure if anyone else finds that.
  2. The tutorial is useless. I had to google and you-tube a lot of the stuff I had to do. Would be good especially for new players that this be improved especially the basics like eating, drinking and sorts.
  3. Descriptions - on the items you find. What they can be used for. On weapons you find a weapon it should show one caliber it takes similar to PUBG.
  4. The thirst, hunger and dying rate - its too fast, there needs to be a good balance. Where you can live long enough to have some fun. At the moment just dying from hunger and thirst is a down buzz.
  5. Looting - for now since there is no vehicles could you turn down the loot for ropes and clothing. I mean it must use up so much resource generating all that. Right now we just food, drinks and weapons.
  6. Option to pick different characters.
  7. I have Favorited some servers and it keeps disappearing. Also the servers played in sometimes doesn't show.


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Play the game some more before you say food and drink needs to be made easier. Did you know you can fill your stomach? Once you do you don’t have to eat/drink for a long time. Look for the stomach symbol next to your health symbol.
Also you will soon learn which guns take which ammo,
there are only a few guns in at the mo.
Hope that helps.

Sorry did not know that @Eldonwan. Yeah it would have been good to have that information at the tutorial. I mean if the game wants to be promoted you would need to do it from the beginning. So when people come play for the first time they dont have a bad experience. Dont get me wrong I loved the arma series on PC and only played dayz mod on arma 2.

Mine wasn't complaints or bugs. More just feedback and recommendations thats all.

They deff dont need to make it easier, if anything I feel like water should go down a lil faster then what it is now

Did you play this before on PC? @imwords16