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You need space in inventory to reload please change this
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Say you have a UK vest if it's full of mags says akm mags you need 3 space to reload if it's full or only 2 space you can't reload . This means you can have space to reload then you pick up an item and in till you move it from the place you keep your mags you can't reload bad if a gun fight happens just after you grab something. Please make it so it's a one for one trade if you inventory day again a UK vest is 35/35 you can still reload as it replaces the mag you move from your gun into the slot you removed the freash mag from. This would lead to better inventory management and less gun reload stoppage


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Xbox one x
Steps To Reproduce

Have full inventory like 35/35 or 33/35 and not enough space for a mag when attempting to reload

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