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Pressing Y when I'm ads will make guns do no damage
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Ok so iv been testing weapons for two days and iv found a bug that makes you do zero damage with your guns

Sorry for spelling I'm dyslexic

•Heres how it happens when ever you have ammo in your gun say a m4 if you press Y at any point when aiming you will fire a round that you can not hear and your ammo count will remain the same. But you will agro zombies and enemy players can hear it and you mag will now be bugged as well as every mag you replace using the Y reload and every bullet you fire will do no damage or agro zombies with right trigger.

•Here's how to fix it every time

Hold the gun in your hand remove the mag by pressing Y over it when the mag goes into your inventory it will update the mag showing the new ammo count missing the rounds you fired pressing Y when aiming. now to fix your broken gun you HAVE to reload it by pressing b on a mag to combine it when holding the gun when you leave your inventory it will reload and now you have a working gun.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Xbox one x
Steps To Reproduce

Aim down sites or hip fire aim press Y zombies and players will hear a shot you will not

Then shoot gun at enemy player or zombie will do no damage and not register zero impact zombies and player will not hear shots

Remove mag with y putting it in inventory the mag will update missing the bullets fired number missing depends on how many times y was pressed then loading any new mag after will fix the gun and bullets will work it's 100% repeatable with every weapon as well as single shot weapons and guns loaded with one in the chamber only making that one round useless

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Chevalier triaged this task as Immediate priority.

A response from the devs would be nice to at least know they are working on it?