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Character locked in database
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Username: autisticraisin
Server log in attempt: dayz US 3667725
Time: 1:05 pm PST

Previous log in attempt was almost 24 hours ago character is still locked


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Xbox one
Steps To Reproduce

Attempt to login in a server

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Towelsrnothats triaged this task as Immediate priority.
Towelsrnothats added a comment.EditedSep 16 2018, 10:21 PM

Also date of log in is September 16, 2018
Error message is: you were kicked off the game (database connection time out)

Every time I get on I get locked in database cannot play a full day bc of this. Also my game keeps freezing if in inventory to long or have to much stuff. And I am sick of only PvP server can y'all please add some pve server or private own servers like on PC bc I'm getting tired of being killed Everytime I walk around especially when I don't have anything on my character

My friend is having trouble with his character locked up his xbox gamer tag is JOKER52411 please help

Still no response BI, please update