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Character locked out of every server...
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I join server 3668034 on Xbox and play for 10min. Server is about to reset so I leave.. Try to join a different server since that one was resetting. I back out of queue to take my dog out on that server. Come back to try and play and now Character Locked in database remaining attempts 5-4-3-2-1.. Then kicked of the game.. This is ridiculous been kicked out over 30min now fix this.. I payed $40 for this just a couple days ago....


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Windows 7
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Who knows but lots of others are speaking angrily of it as well...

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Fix quickly please...

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This is on Xbox btw idk why it was windows 7...

Yeah man I feel your pain. The last 4 days i've gotten locked out for at least 50 minutes each day. from my experience your best bet is to wait until the server that you first got locked out of goes through a reset. The original server reset takes your character out of the locked state. I got locked in database a minute after the server reset and I had to wait over 1.5 hours yesterday! Keep hanging in there I hope they will get it figured out soon!

ps: Server usually you get unlocked before a server reset, but if you have waited anything over an hour create a new post here with the following info.

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~ 2:00 PM Central 9/14
Message you recieve when you try to join: You were kicked off the game. (Character locked in database)

Also I noticed that when I switch to another game, sit at the home screen too long , or turn my xbox off without quitting dayz completely I get a lock in database the next time I open dayz. Idk if this is the reason but this is the only thing I could have done that locked me in database.