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Glitched guns
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Can not unload or drop any gun mag to reload, also only lets you shoot the chambered bullet not the entire mag. Losing fun battles because I can only shoot one bullet at a time


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Windows 7

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Xbox dayZ runs decent just needs to be tweaked a little. Can’t keep myself alive if I can only shoot one Bullet at a time

I usually put the gun in my hands and press Y on the clip. If that does not work equip gun on your back and remove clip by clicking right stick on gun so it will pull down a drop menu for the attachments. Then just hold A on the clip and put it into back pack. Put gun back into hands and press B over clip to put back in. If it gets clip out but want reload try dropping gun and clip and retry. All else fails bro just leave server and try again. Usually works for me.

I've experienced a bug recently. When I press Y with a loaded magazine in my rifle my character displays the normal action of removing the magazine from the rifle and returning it. But on my team mates end it looks and sounds like I'm just firing my weapon. No reload animation and definitely a dead give away of our position to other players. I realized that I was in fact firing bullets when I spammed the Y (reload) button and checked my spare magazines to see that bullets have been removed from them while they were definitely still in my pockets. I was firing the M4 and my partner was firing the AKM with the same bug. This was experienced after the most recent update for Xbox One on 9-11-18. Side note, this may just be the fact that the chambered round is being fired off to rotate the magazine's, but that still doesn't account for not hearing a shot or seeing any muzzle flash on my end.