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(Day z xbox one) gun bug cannot reload gun tried all methods
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No way to reload some m4s and ak 47s all methods include dropping msg and reloading gun, emptying man n reloading 1 bullet at a time, dropping gun and trying to equip man non of these methods work and should be sorted out as well as the guns not firing but on you're screen they are it's game braking


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Windows 7
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Happens eventually to every gun I have 36 plus people verifying the bug

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I've had this bug also, the method I've found to fix it is too drop the gun in the floor, go into vicinity loot in inventory and micromanage the magazine out of the gun. So select the magazine on the gun on the ground hold A and tap RB and drop into hand slot. Also you need an inventory slot free in order to switch magazine and it must be in your backpack rather than clothing. Hope that helps

Not really it's when I swap mags the gun won't shoot I hear n see shots but they hear clicks it's a very bad and overlooked bug