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Bullets Not Registering/Weapons magazine stuck
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Weapon bullets do not 100% register to the targets when you shoot at them! Also, there are bugs or glitches that causes weapon magazine to get stuck to the weapon where you cannot drop it on the ground or put in your inventory. Sometimes you can see that there is a magazine loaded onto the weapon but when you look at in the inventory there is no magazine.

From my personal experience, I've died many times fending off Zeds/Players because there is no guarantee the weapon bullet will register to my target even when i am encountering at them up close. The magazine issue, i am force to throw away my weapon due to the fact you cannot load or reload a magazine.


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Windows 10

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dayzt created this task.Sep 4 2018, 5:02 PM
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dayzt added a comment.Sep 4 2018, 5:04 PM

please Fix these problems right away! TY

darcy added a subscriber: darcy.Sep 4 2018, 8:06 PM

Clips jammed

Bullets not hitting.

Game crashes constantly.

Die always for no reason.

Character attached to
fire place.
Water well
Road signs

Game crashes causing death.
Game crashes near zombies. Near other players.

Theres definitely a gamebreaking bug, me and some friends could not reload our assault rifles, it seems like an animation glitch, when it first happend to me i had found an ak probably dropped by a player, i found a new mag and i could not realod the ak so i dropped it...
Found a respawned m4 with no mag in it, found a new mag and i was able to reload the m4, i loaded it with 1+14 bullets, i fired all the bullets and then tried to reload using Y, nothing happened, with the m4 on hands i tried to combine with a new mag from inventory, inventory closes but nothing happens, i manually removed the mag in the m4, tried pressing Y again and combining from invetory, again nothing happened, i also tried to reload the weapon while holding down A button with the M4 and mags in the inventory on hands and on the ground, there was no way to reload the weapon! When you manually remove the mag it seems like you only "removes it from inventory" because you can still see the mag in the weapon, i found a new ak and the same happened, i also found more ARs that had the same problem around the map, once it happens theres no way to "fix the weapon" other players cant do it too!