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Current Inventory System Bugs
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Currently there are many problems with the inventory UI:

• It’s micromanaging option doesn’t work at all

•Each category of clothing can only carry a specific number of items no matter how much you can fit. For example, a coyote backpack has 100 slots, but can only carry eight different items, despite usually having much more slots available.

• There is no way to currently combine ammo, which leads to either having less ammo, or less space for other items you may need

•When looting a dead body, often the screen freezes for up to 10 seconds

• Many times there are phantom items, stuck in your inventory that you can’t use but continue to take up a slot of your limited carry space, and stays there until you get a new piece of clothing.

There are so many more problems but these are just the major ones I’ve found. Me and many other people suggest a completely new and unique to Xbox UI for the inventory, but if that doesn’t happen, then these are the first problems to fix. I won’t be able to test anymore for the weekend but when I get back Sunday night I’ll be giving more feedback.

Keep it up guys!!


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