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Current bugs and server idea
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So this is the list

  • 50 servers did not pop up
  • inventory is bugged (can't equip/pick up items)
  • inventory isnt friendly (needs to get updated with a darker color to know what's selected)
  • joining servers sometimes doesn't even do anything
  • can't reload guns
  • servers don't show if the game is full or not

You guys should make a testing server for people that will actively report bugs, i want this game to succeed, I'll be reporting on the daily


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There's a learning curve around the inventory, it's a little wierd. To reload get the mag in your hands, then press b button on the ammo, and then hold rt to load the mag, once it's loaded, get the gun in your hands, and press b on the loaded mag and hold rt to load the mag into the gun. Kinda wierd but I found it out after playing for 5 mins.

I've done this but later during play it bugs out and you can't do it anymore.

Yeah, when I load in I can't even move or turn my camera on the Xbox servers.

Faded_Obsidian added a comment.EditedAug 23 2018, 3:39 AM

Also, just now it looks like the servers on Xbox shut off again.. I really hope you guys figure this out soon cuz people are already commenting on the forms that they're not going to bother buying this game based on how this is performing right now. I know this is only a beta before the game preview gets released, but this is been going on for 3 days.. and DayZ on Xbox One launches into game preview early access next week on the 29th. I got to say.. I'm very concerned.

theres only 3 servers there was 50 but now only 3 and get kicked every hour

Yes, the inventory definitely is bugged, sometimes it isn't reacting to button inputs at all. Sometimes you also can't pick up items and you don't know why while it drives you crazy. The game tries to put the item in your pants while the pants are full but you have an empty backpack but you still can't pick it up until you empty your pants, which wouldn't be that hard when you can move stuff from one inventory space to another but that's also not working...

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I’m having a problem where I can hear other players in proximity chat but they can’t hear me has happened on multiple