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New Floor Cheating exploit
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This Exploit allows the cheater to look under the building and see it's occupants in whichever room they are hiding.

It also allow the Cheater to enter the building from under the wall.

I have attached a video of this in action.

This is severe. asap fix


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Look under building: Lie down and look

Enter building : Crawl against wall constantly

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Upload an mp4 and a zip of the same file.

The video I sent, was compressed for reduced size, so the exploiters name is not clearly visible.
I have the full size video with his name, which I may consider sending.

What is the procedure for submitting these type of persistent exploit users if I should follow this path.

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Hello there. Unfortunately this is caused by engine limitations and for now we are not able to do something with that.
You could report these players here:
according to EULA statement:
"You may not exploit any bugs or mistakes which appear within the game or any of the services associated with the game."
Thanks for your feedback.

I think you can try to fix some entrance by putting some objects inside or outside of the building to avoid this kind of exploit for the most used access....