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I would welcome it if you're finally do something with the lobby balance.
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It is more than frustrating for many players if they are constantly killed with a single shot of level 20 and higher players.
It can not be that high level players, join in to a running game and fishing low level players for experience points.
This ruins every beginner the fun at the game. Because they end only as cannon food.


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U_B created this task.Aug 2 2017, 11:03 AM
EricR added a subscriber: EricR.Aug 2 2017, 7:31 PM

Hi @U_B,

Yeah, sure it can be really frustrating.
I think there is something coming up in the next update that could help in that way,
but we'll seen then.

As it was discussed in another topic or maybe on the Discord's server...
Splitting the player base, would not be good for now, because the player base is not big enough.
Daily minimum average players is around 700 and the maximum around 1400. → Steam Charts
With 3+1 game modes to choose from, after removing servers with ping to high or full (10/10), etc...
Not much players left to play with, no ?

Unfortunately or not, you absolutely need to make friends in-game... being killed (even TKed) by a friend is way less painful, don't you think ?
It is just more fun and if needed, we got leverage power upon kicking cheaters, team killers or stupid players

One of the way around IMO, would be to just remove that level system (skill tree) and just unlock everything and let the Argo's credit system to buy weapons.

U_B added a comment.Aug 3 2017, 10:31 PM

Too late, do not want to keep more than canon feed

U_B added a comment.Aug 5 2017, 2:49 PM

Supplement to keep the theme alive!
Question: What can a player below level 16 against over level 20+ player with vest and MK18 doing?
Answer: Nothing - he is instant with one shoot dead.

EricR added a comment.Aug 5 2017, 5:26 PM

The steps in levels for me are mostly like:
Guests-3, 4-11,12+.

Not all +20 players are really skilled players as low level ones can be really good.
Haven't you ever been killed by a low level (not by chance but sills) ?
Pretty sure the answer is yes ;)

Yep sometimes it can be harder than others,
but good communications will almost every time win over skilled solo players IMO.

*Sure "real" team balance would help,
but it is mostly impossible due to engine limitations.

U_B added a comment.Aug 6 2017, 10:59 AM

Then I try to explain differently with my bad English, why so many players leave the game during a game. If in the opponent team is 1-2 players and more with + 20 level exists, you can not move. Because then the time limit is your opponent. They only need to protect the flag and the airdrop and the enemy can do nothing. Because these are instantly dead with a shot. And that makes the game broken because no one has inclination to be killed immediately by the enemy. If these players see that they do not have a chance they just go frustrated out and you stand alone. And you don't get enough points anymore, so you can not approach it.
And as far as communication is concerned. Since the last update, their have taken the public servers from the server list. This makes joining with friends almost impossible. Also, the filtering of maps you don't want to play does not work. e.g. Houdon is a absolute sniper map. But the actual problem, the subsequently joining of high level players in high level groups, which should be solved not solved!
But it's so simple to fix the lobby behaviour.

  1. Make Player Levels Visible which currently not joined to a group.
  2. Calculate the AVG from the Groups. If a high level player subsequently would join in a high group reject it.
  3. If player selected and accept his group, they cannot move in the last 5-10 seconds in to other groups. (fake selection protect)
  4. If player selected and didn't accept his group. And his residence time is greater then half of the counter, auto commit his selection. (fake selection protect)

This described behavior should only be necessary on public servers.
It’s not necessary on premium servers.