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Cheater ruins the game "kimchiboy34"
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I recently played the mission Link - Arudy and a cheater ruined my entire game.

The cheater was in flame. I noticed after new round started and i run to 1A that one of the flame member was already there and running really fast. When i noticed i told them to stop using cheats.
At this point a satchel or a big bomb blowed up at my position and i got the (suicide message in the chat) and also a loading screen which didn't disappear. I had to force close and return the mission put at that time it was already end.

kimchiboy34 was the big mouth and the "funny guy" during the events. As i noticed he had 24 K/D ratio which is funny, because we kill him multiple times in previous round.

Please investigate the cheater and punish him. As i see he has the supporter package as i. But that doesn't allow you to cheat does it?


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Windows 10 x64

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I forgot to create screenshot from the bomb incident but i will enable shadow play and try to create a video if this i not enough for the ban.

One important note: I haven't find him on the leaderboard so maybe he changes his name over time to be in shadow. Could you track the name changes?

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Hi @danczer,

A video would have been way better, as we don't see any evidence of cheating in those 2 screenshots.

Btw "kimchiboy34" is probably not he's nickname anymore ingame. (at least not in the top 5000 players in Leaderboards).
So next time, instead of just getting his ingame name, try to get his Steam's ID if you can.

Hi @EricR,

i installed shadow play so now if any strange thing happen, i will have a video evidence. How can i get his steam ID?

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Hello there. Of course that supporters pack not allow you to use cheats.
As EricR said it would be better to shoot a video of that actions. Also the Steam ID is the best way how to at least track him a bit.
We will try to find him. Thanks for your feedback.

EricR added a comment.Aug 2 2017, 7:53 PM

Steam keep a list of the latest players you have played with.
First, to get a Steam ID you need to enable Steam to show URLs (address bar at the top).

Then open Steam and then select "Players" in the "View" tab. A windows should open with a list of all players you have played recently.
Now click on "Profile" for the player you think it is and copy his link from the address bar at the top.
*Steam's name can differ from the Bohemia Account's username.

Ok! Thank you!

I checked the list. It's shows only the 8 hours ago players but i happend in the morning (10 hours ago) so maybe these guys are ok.

The selected guy has no community profile, but that doesn't mean that he is a cheater.

EricR added a comment.Aug 2 2017, 8:26 PM

You are welcome.
Btw. If you can't find a player, no need to give a list of all the players you have played with,
since it is not helping and I really don't think that the devs are going to search all the names on your list to find only a maybe or not cheater,
unless you have solid evidences.