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Being Kicked from game immediately
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I recently downloaded Argo since I thought it looked interesting and I have been having difficulties actually entering lobbies and playing games. About three seconds after loading into a game of any game mode, I am removed from the game, and given the message: "You were kicked off the game." This happens even with servers empty of players. I installed Battleye, and have a fairly good internet connection. Does it have anything to do with the fact that I am streaming the game through Liquid Sky? My laptop has no chance of running it normally, so Liquid Sky is required. I even made at account because originally, I was playing as a guest, and still couldn't enter games.


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Windows 8

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Hello. So you can´t play Argo because low performance of your laptop? And because of that you use the Liquid Sky device/app. How it´s going with ingame lags? There are some safe mechanism against bigger lags which kicks the laggers.
Now I could just recommend to verify your data on Steam. Firstly I need to do some research about Liquid Sky.
Please let me know if it´s still happens after verifying your data and also let me know about your lags.

Thank you for replying, because verifying my files was all it took. Now I am playing and currently enjoying Argo. By the way, Liquid Sky is a program that gives you a virtual desktop to use however you please, but is mainly meant to help computers or laptops without good hardware run games via streaming. I was just worried that the streaming would interfere with my ping or my game, preventing me from playing, but it seems I only over-complicated the issue. Thank you once again :)

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Cool, you are welcome. Thanks for reply ;). I´m happy for your enthusiasm. Have a nice day.