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few bugs as listed
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after playing argo for 20hours almost ive came across a few bugs

  1. Random spawn on clash

if i pick for example bravo to spawn on it seems to be a small % of spawning on and existing players spawn location as well resulting both players to be inside of each other then immediately causing suicide to both players

  1. random spawn on clash

this one has only happen once to me but i picked charlie to spawn on and when i clicked spawn it spawn me the furthest point south east of the map.

  1. spawn glitch raid/clash and link

every now and then if you use the auto spawn the game seems to respawn you after you die even if respawn is disabled

  1. barriers and crawl spaces

ive noticed on the airfield map in link the concrete wall by link 2 oppisite side of the runway you have a crawl space and can shoot though it and next to it ther is a spot which is semi destroyed which the whole section of it you can not shoot though it even the parts you can see though

  1. feet though walls

ive also noticed if you go prone by a wall you can actuall stick your feet out a though the wall

  1. LMG recoil

now being an arma 3 vet i can say that the recoil mechanic on the LMG's (the low level ones is all ive seen) is hardly there you can run and spray with very little recoil but you do this in arma and you will never hit you target

  1. main menu interactions

real nit picky but when i click on any of the main menu selections i actually have to click it 3 times before it will do anything (yes i did try clicking once and seeing if it works but nothing happens after one click)

but really enjoy the game guys its a nice little game to play from arma and you are on to a winner here because its the kind of game that keeps you coming back for more


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Windows 10 x64

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layowin created this task.Jul 7 2017, 3:12 PM
EricR added a subscriber: EricR.EditedJul 7 2017, 6:27 PM

Hi @layowin,

  • 1, 2, 3. Already know bugs. Just search for them.
  • 4, 5. Those could be already know. I'm not sure.
  • 6. This is not Arma...
  • 7. Are the buttons' highlighted when you hover over with your mouse ? What is your screen resolution and aspect ratio... and what are your settings at the "video menu" in the "display tab" ?

Btw, next time you create a task (Bug tracker), please only include one bug in each, since it will make the tracking easier for every one.

for the video you linked even that shows more recoil than what is currently in argo

to answer your question the are highlighted and currently running full screen 1920x1080 and all video setting set to max