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Switching weapon while reloading cancel and froze weapon model
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Weapon animation does not continue and model froze if player interrupts by switching weapons during reloading.
Model remain freezed for other animation such as aiming and running.
This affects every weapon except sidearms other than Zubr.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Starts Argo.
  2. Select a loadout that have both primary and sidearm (does not occurred if you only equip 1 weapon)
  3. Join in the firing range or any server and equip the loadout.
  4. Reload your weapon.
  5. While reload, swap to the other weapon by pressing the corresponding button..

Expected: Both player and weapon animations continues.
Observed: Player animation still continues to the end, however, the weapon model froze completely and does not following player reload animation.

Additional Information

Repro rate: 100%.
Repro video:

Switching fire mode for glitched weapons also changes the animation state of the other (if they are glitched in different part of animation).
Video of fire mode change:

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Hello Ninfy
This problem should be solved by future update.
Thanks for your feedback ;).