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No Hud when spawning randomly on CLASH/SUggestion
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Hey Bohemia Devs,
Just wanted to say, I am a long time ArmA player, and I think you did a wonderful job with Argo. Now here is the bad part, us players cant help but feel the release was a bit hastey. There are still quite a few bugs, and almost no Guide to getting started. For instance, There is no guide that would explain in Order to get a tear 2 optic, you need a tear 2 weapon. And your SKILL TREE is slightly faulty. I suggest at the VERY LEAST add a button on the main menue screen that says (Getting started) then add a drop down menue that says (Skill Tree, Game Modes, etc) Also, when I started, I LOVE COOP, so I was playing on the Patrol missions, but noticed I couldn't UNLOCK anything. It wasnt until I tried the PvP that I realized that is the ONLY WAY to advance SKill Unlocks and level.
You see guys, You made this F2P so a lot of players are new to the ArmA style games. It is lowering the quality of gameplay with people joining unprepared. So to fix this, SIMPLY add a GETTING STARTED guide. Force the USER to have to click and read each section and then click I UNDERSTAND or CONTINUE.. I think this is a very reasonable request.

Now to the main topic, Sometimes when spawning on Easy Mode, you may spawn with an Empty Magazine and no HUD. FREQUENCY: 1 out of 15 spawns.


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Windows 7
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Ingame UI
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Join CLASH on easy mode. Get killed and re spawn after teammate captured Airdrop

Additional Information

I have helped in private projects for Developing Trinity Core (World of Warcraft)
I understand many computer languages and I understand how a Database works for Items and flags.
I am willing to assist in any way posible

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I must agree that this game should have stayed in beta for a few time. Also a lot of players are complaining (and I think you saw it in the Steam reviews) that in order to be a competitive game, you should provide the same options to each players, and a lot of them don't like "grinding" to get the weapons.
Also, until a competitive gamemode with maybe a matchmating system, the end-game will be pretty boring and you risk to lose a lot of the playerbase.

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Hello there.
In equipment section you could use Armory to find which weapon part match to your weapon. Also there are (in skill tree) lines connecting tiers.

Now is possible to use your loadouts in Combat Patrol and also you could gain some XP from it.

As you wrote about text that player needs to click on UNDERSTAND or CONTINUE.. From our observation there are a really small amount of players which really read the guidance. We are still working on some improvements of it, be patient, please.

We did some changes to the HUD experience. Hopes that missing HUD is fixed now. About missing magazines we finally get some clues so with god blessing we should be able to fix it.

Unfortunately Argo team is not that big and there are bigger issues which ruined the game so firstly we need to focus on them.

Thanks for your feedback.
Have a nice day

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