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Raid Defence
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Currently in the Raid gamemode when an attacker begins the capture of the objective a timer starts in which the defenders have to stop the download/upload or whatever attackers are doing. However, lets say the time is about 30 seconds from the beginning of the upload and lets say it takes 20 seconds for the defenders to stop the upload; the attackers have 10 seconds to kill enemies and/or attempt to stop the upload. Obviously, these times are hypothetical as I don't know the exact time for actions in game.

Using the example above I believe the Raid gamemode would benefit that once an upload has been initiated by the attackers any defenders that attempt to stop the upload should pause progression of the upload as it currently continues meaning 9/10 times a defender could have won the round but the upload continues and attackers win even if a defender is stopping the upload.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

1 - Allow attackers to complete the capture/upload of a point in Raid.
2 - Allow defender to attempt to stop the upload.

result - even if a defender is stopping the upload, the progression continues,

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