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Project Argo Adaptive Crosshair Off bug
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Seems to be a bug when turning Adaptive Crosshair Off. As you can see in the video its way low to the right and this is at close range so there is no bullet drop so it should hit dead centre. Aiming for the head will cause you to totally miss your target. Works fine with adaptive crosshair on.

The static crosshair needs calibrating.


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Windows 10 x64

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There is nothing to fix, the function works the same way in Arma. The crosshair points to the middle of the screen, which aligns with the bullet trajectory at a certain distance. Contrary to many shooters, the bullet in Arma is actually fired from the muzzle of the weapon, so in very close range, the bullet basically has not enough distance to reach the middle of the screen. The adaptive crosshair compensates this, because it tries to actually represent where the bullet will hit according to terrain features at which a player aims. If a player turns the adaptive crosshair off, they are required to have the so called muzzle awarness, since they cannot always rely on the crosshair alone.

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