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Randomly spawning, as a defender, outside the zone in Raid mode.
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As a defender, I have spawned outside the zone in the Raid mode. It happend twice (in two different games). Once I spawned with default grenadier loadout (TRG with grenade launcher), for the second time I had Katiba rifle (with no ammunition), pistol and two granades. I could run outside the zone without beign killed by the zone limits (I don't know if it fixed itself when I get to the zone).


Unable To Reproduce
Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

I don't know how to reproduce it.
Bug occured twice, only when I was joining to the game which has already begun (few seconds was left to spawn or after one round).

Additional Information

I think that one time I have spawned in the place that was not the spawn zone - behind the white hall, probably to the south of the zone (in this case I got Katiba).

I don't remember how many players was in the game.

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Hi, this is very rare bug occurring in approx. 5% of respawns, we will try to reproduce and fix it.
Thanks for reporting.

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We are unable to reproduce this issue. We'll surely keep an eye for this.