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Suggestion/Fix? - Optic toggle?
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I tried to mess around with the settings so that I can have my optics ADS as in a "hold to aim" scenario, but nothing worked.

  • I put the "Optic" keybind to 'Mouse 2 - Click,' but this does not replicate my suggestion. This just makes it where you can click Mouse 2 once the it automatically puts you in ADS.
  • I put the "Optic Temporary" keybind to 'Mouse 2 - Hold,' this *kinda* replicates my suggestion, but not perfectly. This just makes it where you can hold Mouse 2 and ADS goes away, but when you unhold Mouse 2, it throws you into ADS.

Having the ability to invert the "Optic Temporary" to be like my suggestion would be very useful to have.


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Windows 10 x64
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If you bind Optics Temporary to Hold Sec. Mouse Button, holding right mouse button will switch between normal view and ADS as long as you hold it. So when you're zoomed in, because you pressed the right mouse button beforehand, it will temporarily put you out of ADS. However, if you're not in ADS, holding RMB will put you into it. Of course, this might interfere with Hold Breath feature for the weapon sway reduction, set to Hold Sec. Mouse Button by default. Has this clarified the issue you have?

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