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Cannot walk up stairs of Cargo Truck or Normal Concrete Ramps
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In regards to fixing Slope Slippage (can no longer walk up ridiculous slopes) a new issue has taken place. Now you cannot walk up any slopes even the normal ones. I am also unable to walk up the site steps of the Cargo truck. If i want to jump up It will not let me do that, doing so multiple times leads to a a severe game crash which causes the Computer to re-boot. Please quote me on that.


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Best way to to reproduce this is simply do the training mission which teaches you how to drive the vehicles. You will start with the big cargo truck. Check to see if you can walk up the concrete ramp and then check to see if you can walk up the side steps. If it's a no from both, the issue exists.

Additional Information

My computer seems to re-boot itself, dose it happen to you as well?

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I have found the same thing with the cargo truck stairs. If you are desperate for a resolve just run and jump up to the top bit of the stairs