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Hi there, I just installed Take on Mars for the first (now second) time on my computer and I keep getting some sort of memory addressing error? Anyway I finally was able to nab a snip of the error.

To try and fix this I've reinstalled it and I've cleared my cache. If you have any additional tricks I might try I'd love to give it a shot.

Attached is the error


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Pro
Steps To Reproduce

Install Take on Mars, launch it.

Additional Information

My system:

Nvidia 970M and Intel HD Graphics 530

Intel Core I7 6700HQ

16GB Ram

I've found that launching in developer mode works fine but normal non developer mode causes the crash every time.

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Hi. Thanks for your help. I have had the exact same problem launching this game for a while, and when using Developer mode, the game started just fine. Only problem was poor performance, and it turns out it is because I was using the integrated graphics card. I changed to my dedicated gpu using nvidia control panel for the tkom_dev.exe program, and after that the game crashed just like before. Now the game works just fine as long as I'm using the integrated gpu, but crashes when I'm using the dedicated gpu. Hope this will help developers to fix this problem


Nvidia 660M 2GB and Intel HD graphics 4000

Intel core I 7 3632QM

16GB Ram

OS: Win 10

I'm glad I'm not the only one having these problems :)

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I'd really like to actually be able to play this game... I'll help debug where I can but I'm not super pro at C, I'm pretty novice. But if there's a dump that I could send in order to help with the process I'd definitely do it.