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Russian rover inoperable, flickering textures, etc.
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I found no way to deploy Russian rover from *its* [yes, "its," not "it's" - see below] landing platform; cannot interact with any of the onboard instrumentation of the Russian craft.


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Visit the mission, try to interact.

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N.B. re. "its" vs. "it's."
"Its" -> possessive determiner, same group as "his"/"hers"/"yours"/"ours"/"theirs."
"It's" -> contracted form of "it is."

Possible to correct all instances so far released in published in-game text and clean up all else for the sake of improved overall clarity with the aid of a competent volunteer - granted, much work to do, and only two people to do it, both on holiday till next year after both being on holiday only this past September. Glad I could help finance those holidays by buying the game. And yes, I'm aware that literacy or clear instructions and mission objectives in comprehensible English - all these things aren't as important as hype and marketing, sales and getting rich.

(I'm aware that I am reporting too many different things in one go, and not including mission codes and such, but it's my first report, and after spending money on your product I want to see improvement and proof that my, or anyone else's reporting has any tangible effect on my entertainment experience with your game, before also spending my time and effort tracking down, documenting, and helping to fix issues both major and minor. While the only two people involved in this project are once more away on holiday. I'd rather enjoy mine, too, especially since I'm not paid for this, and enjoying a few hours with this title was part of my plan to enjoy downtime during the holidays - but after having paid with the intent of relaxing, instead of happily playing, which I can't really do due to the state your game is still in, I find myself doing chores like this. Happy holidays. I expect you'll both have another holiday in March or April - every two-three months?)

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