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A fricking nightmare
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I was just playing the human base builder scenario. And here are the things I have to critezise:

  1. It is a bad idea to have disassemble/assemble and the very same button as grab/use.

Reason: You can't disassemble doors since this function is blocked with use. But it is likely to disassemble something while trying to grab something from the floor.

  1. Airlock walls collision boxes are a slightly too big. Once removed you can't put airlock walls back in a existing structure. The other walls will prevent that.
  1. Object rotation. a) In game ... while playing the game ... it ignores the 4th mouse button of my Logitech M705 ... in the game options it works (I can set the button)

b) The 2nd Rotation button doesn't work at all. It is a real pain to orient something if you can't do it in all 6 degrees of freedom.
c) Grabbed objects align to world not as it should to player. While turning the player the object stays in the orientation it was. That is not correct. It moves also with the camera orientation. (example going in 3 person moves the object even if no key is pressed and the mouse not moved) It should stay depending on the orientation of the player figure.

All that makes base building a nightmare.


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1./2. it happened that I accidentally disassembled a part airlock of the small hut. since the part was bouncing of of those which where already there the only chance would have been if I would have been able to remove the door part... which was also not possible.

Windows has German localisation and Keyboard layouts.

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No DEV -

If you can set the 4th mouse button it should work in game. You have to hold down the 4th mouse button and then move the mouse. to yaw/rotate the object, you have to hold down the 4th button AND the additional rotate button. While it might sound annoying or over complex the system works relatively well after after a short while.

As for the door, just don't build it for now. There's no need for it anyway at that point of development.

OK, I found out what I have done wrong with with 3.b) I wasn't aware that the yaw button was in fact a modifier ... means I have to press both buttons. IMHO that is a bit illogical. Why do I have to press both?

But at 3.a) I can assign button 4*, and 5 (not 6, though) but it has no effect in the game what so ever. (But not to any other action since the game says it conflicts with the editor)

To the airlock problem ... once I had the rotation going I was able to wedge it in. The human building missions are in a desperate need of an tutorial.

I had a short look at the test version...inventory ... cool feature... the accidentally disassemble and the not able to disassemble will be solved once tools are introduced. With tool disassemble/assemble everything, without use it (when is possible).