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Crash when loading Space Program
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With the new update, my Space Program is crashing when I load, generating the following message:

Unhandled exception

Program: ...)\Steam\steamapps\common\Take On Mars\TKOM.exe
Reason: Access violation. Illegal read by 100025e0 at 8c00000a

[enf::Variable::GetVType]: ??? addr:0x100025e0
[enf::Variable::GetVType]: ??? addr:0x100025e0

I will upload a picture and my save file.

Also, it may be worth mentioning that my last save was on Mission control room (since there is a new lovely Christmas-theme on Mission Control, I thought that may be the problem).


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I created a new profile and started a new game, and I managed to play it without problems.

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Chiming in here - I also experience this issue.
EDIT: solved with new savegame. Oh well.