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[TECH-TREE] "Low Range Communication" doesn't unlock something
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The "Low Range Communication" research is useless, because, it doesn't unlock something or is a prerequisite to an other tech.

Should be tied to small rover.


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I think small rover's should be work like the original "Pathfinder" rover.
Limited in range, because the lack of medium range communication system or an antenna to communicate with an satellite, it send all data to it's landing platform and forces it to stay in radius around the platform to stay in contact with mission control.

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Hi Hyphon! You got it right - our small rover will operate just like the Pathfinder rover. Limitation of range is not implemented yet but it's work in progress and will be hopefuly added really soon. We also noticed that there was a mistake in tech tree and therefore "Low Range Communication" wasn't part of small rover research. It's fixed now and if it's not in the game yet it will be included in next update. ;-)

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@Thales: Thanks for the fast response.

I was wondering about that research, because I took a pause with playing ToM and started again.

Now I was sitting here and tried to figure out, how to solve the tech-tree in a efficient way.

That's how noticed this mistake.