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Mars simulation still doesn't progress while time warp in normal play mode
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Still the old theme:

Rovers and landers don't drive or recharge energy, while time warp is used. (Normal play mode)


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Steps To Reproduce

1A: Use energy to 50% or less
1B: Set a rover to auto-drive or a lander to auto-spin

2: Disconnect from rover/lander

3: Back in MC use timewarp or let the simulation run for a while (DON'T ALT+TAB ToM!!!)

4: Connect again with the rover/lander. The rover/lander hasn't moved or the energy recharged.

Additional Information

I know this is known, but I couldn't find the original entry and without some kind of time warp at mars surface, sometimes the things getting boring.

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Hello Hyphon! We know about this and it will be implemented when the resource management (recharging, draining batteries etc.) is complete. But be sure it will be implemented. ;-)