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Mars view from Deimos (wrong angle?)
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I noticed that, when looking at Mars from Deimos surface, it appears to be at an very weird angle. Using Night Vision, I could see that I was looking at what appears to be the martian south pole (picture attached).

Due to the inclination of Deimos orbit (0.93º relative to the martian equator), this view would be impossible from Deimos. A more accurate view would be similar to what is shown on the main menu. If you guys need some reference to the Mars view from Deimos, you could use some free software, like Stellarium, Celestia, and even Orbiter 2010.

I don't know if it's in this state as a temporary solution, but it would be nice to see this fixed.

It would also be really cool if, during the night on Deimos (when Mars is full in the sky) to add a reddish "Mars-shine" glow to the terrain, just like our Full Moon does on Earth.

That's it for now. Thanks and keep up with the great work!


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Hello Fabio and thanks for suggestion! We'll look at it soon. ;-)