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Suggestion for implementation of plan execution programming
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Hey guys,

Great work on this game, I really enjoy playing and I really dig the realistic spirit of the project.

As a fellow [software] engineer and space enthusiast, I wanted to suggest an idea: have you thought about implementing a plan execution language in the game, to allow asynchronous, pre-programmed control of rovers? Additionally, building in time lag, communication lapses due to diurnal motion/low temp, and limited computational resources for the rovers would add a brilliant edge to the game.

NASA sponsored an open-source technology called PLEXIL[1], which they propose using for rover automation. I'm not sure whether its been used for rovers, I haven't been able to find much about NASA's toolchain for actual projects...Have you?

Perhaps you could implement something simpler than PLEXIL but similar, to allow players to program the rovers. Or it could be something more abstract, such as in the Carnage Heart games[2]. Or hell, implement something madly complex, all the more fun.

In any case, thanks for working on this project, I love it.

Best wishes,




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If you want a GUI coder LabVIEW is the best style for that.
You have to remember programming is not that important for this game, content is. Someone can make a mod now to add these features into the game.

ivanwfr added a subscriber: ivanwfr.May 9 2016, 9:53 AM

Still, we need something to us make believe we've accomplished something more than "Task complete" !!!
As I have done all major tasks, I would love to have a better goal than working on the obvious and only next stage that would be to clear every remaining space program missions.
On an ideal world, achievements value would entirely depend on "random facts" as those we deal with in real life. As (I too) a fellow developer, the best rewards I get from my work results are those where something (good) I did not even expect to happen happens! (and I don't mean bugs ... those don't qualify and are no surprise!)
So I agree with OP considering some broader user input for that game as long as if there is such a platform where user brain can be an asset, this one would be a good prototype...

Hyphon added a subscriber: Hyphon.May 9 2016, 9:53 AM

cky2250: You're wrong. Scripting (not programing!) will be a important part of the hardcore mode and that's also a part of content.

@ivanwfr: I know what to want to say, as member of the German community translation team, I can only ask you for being patient. Everyone is seriously working on ToM.

B2T: I suggest you to take a look at the fanmade "Kerbal OS (KOS)" addon/plugin of Kerbal Space Program. It's a "simple" scripting language written in C#.

The syntax is easy to use. That would people making able to write scripts for the rover or lander without learning any complex stuff to make a rover driving 10 meters in one direction