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Lists selection auto-wrap (ergonomics)
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Automatic wrapping while looking for a particular entry in a choice-list.

Lists have 2 limits, one at the start, one at the end. I would love to make that an asset...

To illustrate the idea, selecting the second entry from a list with 4 or 5 entries can be much quicker when no wrapping occurs during the search:

  • i.e. Primary and Secondary selection with their 4 entries.
  • First, you could throw a few blind hits to reach either the first or the last entry.
  • From there, the only thing to do would be to enter the exact number of strokes you want to offset from this end of the list.

This way, no need to distract your attention from the task at hand (easier multitasking).

Wrapping should still be considered when dealing with long lists where it would not be that good having to run through backwards.

This non-wrapping is already there in the Instruments list although there is no user-mapping to run through it yet. (...standard Up and Down keys have a good chance to interfere with some other toggled-on action bound to those...)


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This comes from my ergonomics professional bias and the intense use I make from this principle. While looking for some expression in an editor, I hate it when a search never ends. As when you've got the last, you're thrown back to the first even when you did not ask for this to occur.

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