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2 Mast + 4 Cameras - almost fine...
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Suggestion more than BUG:
2 Mast-Standard sporting 2 Wide-Angle and 2 Tele-Focus cameras...
That works great, some glitches to correct and it would be just great!

1 - Mast looking behind would be better off with a mechanical rotation dead spot turned 180. This would require a way to set this up in the lab or it could be implicit.

2 - Primary and Secondary HUD should add a number when selected (just as INST are auto-numbered).

3 - Selecting first or second Mast always works for Secondary but sometimes fails for Primary (Primary gets stuck on the same Mast ... until some side effect of Secondary switching clears the situation somehow.)

4 - This is a situation where having some control on cameras numbering would help greatly.


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2 Mast-Standard on a Rover prepared in the lab
2 Cameras on each Mast

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  • Make aft Mast look behind to notice the dead mechanical angle right where you don't expect it for the purpose of a looking backward panorama tool.
  • Check how it feels not knowing which button goes with which camera from one rover to the next when we would appreciate it to be intuitive.

...and yeah, thumbs-up for this sim-game... so addictive, shame on you!

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I've identified what was the "Secondary HUD attachment" side effect:

1 - Attaching Secondary to Mast1 or Mast2 simply propagates to Primary.

2 - This does not affect any other controled Primary item.

3 - It looks like this is only a matter of retaining which Mast Primary is attached to when:
...there are two of them
...and Secondary HUD Mast attachment is changed.