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Gale Crater -- Science Mission - ref. 4681, ATMOSPHERE DAN cannot be completed
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Location: Gale Crater
Mission: Science Mission - ref. 4681
Problem: ATMOSPHERE DAN cannot be completed

Tried moving around in this a lot but it cannot be finished.


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Salat added a comment.Aug 13 2013, 1:54 PM

Should be fixed in next update of Development version.

Ession added a subscriber: Ession.May 9 2016, 9:52 AM

This mission doesn't work for me even in the new build.

Same here, still not working. Tried with two different rovers.

Salat added a comment.Aug 15 2013, 9:55 AM

You are right, we forgot to synchronize the science target version so right now the fix would only appear if someone started the campaign from the beginning. Hopefully will be fixed in next devbuild, thank you very much for the information.

Works since the latest devbuild, thank you!

Salat added a comment.Aug 16 2013, 5:49 PM

Excellent, thank you for the information :-)