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Time warping and depth of field
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I find that the game could be more realistic and efficient easily. First, I believe the motion of the rovers are sped up a few times. However, they still tend to move very slowly and they must be controlled in real time. A solution to this would be to add a time warp feature to the game, something like what is in Orbiter Space Flight Simulator and Kerbal Space Program. With a time warp feature, it would be possible to make the in-game rovers' top speeds accurate yet the game will become more accessible than before.

To add to the realism and accessibility, the rovers could be made semi-autonomous. NASA engineers do not guide the actual Mars rovers in real time due to the communications delay. The rovers are smart enough for NASA to simply tell them where to go based on imagery and models, then the rovers follow the commands on their own. However, the distances a rover can travel autonomously per day would have to be increased for the game to keep the feature useful. It should not be difficult to implement a system where a user can draw a path for a rover to follow on the map to a destination.

Finally, the game has an extremely shallow depth of field. It's so shallow that I know of no camera sensors and lens combinations that can do such a thing. This personally makes the game harder to play, and there should be a setting to increase the depth of field if there isn't such a setting already that I haven't noticed. The game sometimes takes a while to focus on an object and expose it correctly too, not to mention that the in-game metering system can be improved to better expose things (e.g. rocks in shadow).


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They are also using a different game engine. Kerbal Space Program uses Unity. Unity has more support then this game engine, since it is used for many games and is updated by everyone that uses it. They would need to re-write the game engine to handle fast computing of physics if it can not handle it.