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Blue streaks mission area is too small
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The second mission around Victoria Crater tasks players with exploring the blue streaks to the north, and as a bonus, taking pictures of the craters. If you land near the craters, though, you are not credited with landing on the streaks. If you land in the mission area, you can take pictures of the craters and complete the objective but the craters aren't actually in view.

The mission area should be the size of the actual blue streaks.


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I understand completely what you mean, but there are some technical limitations. Right now, the science targets can only have a circle shape, while the dark streak is a long stripe. If I would try to fit the whole streak into a circle, the area covered would be too huge. Also any area where lander is supposed to land must be carefully reviewed, since the terrain is not flat and player can easily land in some depression unable to take any photos. The terrain around the two craters is uneven and it cannot be guaranteed, that player will always be able to finish the mission, if it's moved there. Thank you for your input, but for now, I will leave the mission as it is.