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Status Information for RAD/EMS
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There are several tasks where you have to drive a rover to a specific place to analyze the environment. Currently there seems to be no status information for the RAD analyzer.
You just have to drive to the spot and wait.

I suggest to add a status information, that the device is working/analyzing. It would also be nice to add the radiation level to the EMS information in the lower left HUD.


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Drive to a spot where you have to use the RAD device.

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I agree as sometimes Im there and wondering if anything is happening.

Salat added a subscriber: Salat.May 9 2016, 9:50 AM

The passive instruments provide immediate results (check the conditions) every 10 seconds, so there isn't any progression of the analysis. Right now there isn't any simple way how to add this.

Kreggy added a subscriber: Kreggy.May 9 2016, 9:50 AM

Well okay, that was not obvious right now since the descriptions on how items work are not yet available within the game.

Anyhow I did not yet find a field to tell the player the current radiation level, whilst atmosphere pressure and temperature are displayed in the HUD.

Would be great to add that if you have time :-)