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Units of power
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On the standard UI for the rover, the Charge and Drain rate are given in watt hours - drain and charge rates should be in watts, watt hour is a capacity, not a rate


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Watt hours is not capacity. it is 1 watt * 1 hour and a watt is just joules per second. it is just a conversion.

If you look at the side of a typical battery the capacity is given as milliwatt-hours. Perhaps capacity was a bad choice of words on my part, but it should still be watts (i.e. joules per second - energy per time) for a rate of energy usage.

What typical batteries do you use? lol. None have printing of milliwatt hours. But really milliamp hours is a capacity.

didn't read my sentence before i posted. changed charge to capacity.

Some rechargeable AAs have them, maybe it's not as common as I thought. Even electricity bills (here in Ireland anyway) electrical bills are quoted as (kilo) watt-hours.
The robots will charge at a rate of some amount of charge per time, so it would be watt-hours per hour i.e. watt times hours divided by hours, so it would just reduce to watts.
I know I'm being very pedantic about this, but it would be a bit silly for an awesome simulator like this to be let down by details like that!