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no game saves on hardcore mode
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Hardcore mode should not have a save option.


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cky2250 added a subscriber: cky2250.May 9 2016, 9:50 AM

There would need to be some type of save if you want to play again where you left off. It should be something like every crash is predetermined by the first mission you play up to about 5 landings out. And other things like that. And you cannot save until the mission is done for all tasked rovers.

In short someone can save just reloading wont change the results.

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dahunn added a comment.Aug 6 2013, 2:54 PM

What i would like to see is some sort of auto save. when you crash. you can not go back to your previous save. But every time you quit the game or the hardcore game mode, it saves. So that you don't have to do every mission over when you quit the game. It would be how it is now with the continue space program but without the save option in the menu.

actually don't need to over think it, just create 1 autosave that gets updated automatically anytime there is a status change ie mission complete, successful land, crash, parts breakage, or game exit(note: it already auto saves on game exit anyway).