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realistic analize time on hardcore mode
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I would love realistic analyze time on hardcore mode. Just as realistic move speeds and control delay time are planned. Maybe with a option to accelerate time, if you wanted to skip the long wait. The nice thing about this is that you only can do a certain specific things during day time, and have to wait until next morning to continue the mission. Hardcore mode should be as realistic as possible.


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I think the only way to justify something like this would be to add a purpose to these tasks. Meaning you have to know why you are doing this instead of that, or why you choose to do things in this order when you could do otherwise. And the working power drain will probably be a challenge on its own.

This has to be based on the decisions you make from some reasoning that needs some clues you can put your fingers on. This would give some advantage to above-average players.
Having to expect the burden of more delay must have some reward as a counterpart, or punishment for carelessness.
Anyway, +1 Up for the base idea.

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A realistic time delay would be fun!