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Possibility to listen own music during exploration
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I have an idea of possibility to listen my own music during exploration. Something like user radio station in Grand Theft Auto series. I know that vision of listen music during exploration of another planet sounds unrealistic, but whole Mars exploration and control of rovers/lander is in fact seen from control center on Earth. Control center that may contain radio with possibility of import own music tracks in OGG format. I believe many players would appreciate it during some less fun moments.


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You can just play music with any format on any player. then start the game and mute game music audio.

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Also you have your Steam overlay. You can always use it to listen to internet radio stations or do other stuff on the web

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I think cky2250 and r00f have points, but I think ingame is a little bit better, because it fits more to the ingame sounds and the game can lower the volume of the player by itself, if there are some urgent informations.

For myself I like the player in Euro Truck Simulator 2.