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Moving Windowed Game causes Resizing
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Indirectly also causes the mouse capture API to scale incorrectly. (The more you move it down, the less of the bottom half of the window you can navigate with.)

Current workaround(s);
-Use my keyboard to change the resolution in settings, by changing the resolution to a different one, then to the desired one to force a redraw.

-Make a guess at how big the window was. Doesn't always work.

Suggested Course of Action:
Do not allow resizing of the window. In the off chance that a window is resized, write Win32 api code that causes the 2nd button (resize button) to allow a user to force a redraw of the window size to it's correct dimensions.


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When moving the window title bar downward more to the center of the screen, it causes the game window to get shorter instead of moving the windowed game down.

Additional Information

Screenshot included of resized window, with the absolute maximum I can point downward (between the two grayscale bars in the middle).

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It is possible to move the window, but it is very hard to find the right position where to click (move the cursor to the top while in the game and the correct area where to click and hold is right between the ingame area and windows title bar). This of course isn't a perfect state but changing it isn't a simple fix. We might look into it in the future.