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Mission "Dark Streaks" - Soil Analysis "No Target in Range"
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After my lander touches down on the surface, I try to use the soil probe but it keeps telling me that there's no targets in range. Is there something specific I need to do before using it or is this a bug?


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Restarting the mission several times

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Did you extend the arm with the soil sampler on it into the ground first?

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This message indicates that the soil probe is not in the soil, EG: The soil is too far away for the probe to sample, or out of range.

Select the left arm as your primary instrument, by clicking the left or right arrows on the primary controller GUI, bottom left side of centre. You can also use Q and E to change it. When the left arm is selected, press W to push the soil probe into the ground. You can see the head pass into the ground, or if the instrument GUI mode is selected (Hold space and select the left "drill" icon") you can see the range decrease to 0m. Then click the button to take the sample, and it will succeed.