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APSX in Mission "Two Craters" not working
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I push the rover up against the second rock that needs to be scanned in one of the craters, the instrument indicates "Ready", click.

Once it finishes analyzing, I get the placeholder text but the objective still shows as incomplete and I'm unable to progress.


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Steps To Reproduce

Mission: Two Craters

Use pre-made small rover (APSX mounted on front - pressing W moves in direction of instrument)

Switch to "instrument" camera

Approach second "scan rock" objective

Move APSX into position until instrument indicates "Ready"


Wait for instrument to finish doing its thing

Blue placeholder window about poly-silicates appears

Objective does not update and remains incomplete

Additional Information

Status of rover indicates instrument is intact and functioning.
Error reported on rear-right wheel but probably not related.

Can record video if you're unable to reproduce.

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If its one of the small vertical rocks in the open, I had one of these problems(don't remember mission) and to get passed i moved around the rock to the other side and tried again and it worked.

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Have tried from various directions multiple times. Same bug here.

Can confirm the above two reports. It eventually accepted it from a weird angle. I guess the sensitivity is too tight.

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There are multiple reports of this issue and one of them has already been marked as acknowledged, so I'm closing the remaining ones.