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Landing humans on mars
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I hope that eventually you will be able to land humans on mars.
You would have to design the landing craft, have systems to keep the humans alive, scientific instruments that people would use, and other factors. You could also create a return craft to take the humans back up to the orbiter if your mission wasn't a one way trip.


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For the human model and controls, do something like Take On Helicopters did and use the model and controls from an Arma game.

Yeah..but the TOH models were kinda sketchy and blocky..

This either sounds like, Take on: Space or a major DLC.
Would be cool, but the current gameplay is not focused on this area and well, we have a perfectly good game called Kerbal Space program that adresses this part of space exploration. Implementing said idea would probably take as much manpower as already spent making this game.

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This is too much to expect for now. Perhaps future DLC, Expansion, or Community made content.

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They should focus on rovers and since stuff first.

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I here agreed with dahunn, as for the other stuff i stand for realisme and now we are decades away form sending someone to mars.

Even if i would gladly wait 6 month in a spacecraft to step on mars the danger it represent with our actual technologie is too big to take the risk (remember that more than half the missions to mars up to his day failed)

And for the game purpose, i think they should be focussing on the main aspect of the game which is exploration of mars. and tere is no need to have human onboard to explore mars.

I'll say it could be fun but i'd rather see it as a dlc or a community mod in fact i just want the devs not to spread out and focus on making this game the greatest ever.

I'll not vote against or for those as it is still a good idea.

were not decades from sending people too mars its already in the works let me link you guys something.

A human presence on mars would be very cool. Assembling their living space and solar power facility could be fun.